Featured sources, August 22

  • State Guidance on School Reopenings, CRPE: The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) is an education research organization focused on improving student outcomes. The organization has compiled and analyzed state guidance for school reopening in fall 2020, focusing on mask mandates and vaccination requirements. Read about their findings here.
  • Will Students Come Back?: July 2021 Parent Survey: The RAND Corporation, a survey company, has a new report out this week displaying parent attitudes towards fall reopening. According to the survey, as of July 2021, 89% of U.S. parents are planning to send their kids back to school in person. This number is higher for white (94%) and Asian (88%) parents than Black (82%) and Hispanic (83%) parents.
  • COVID Stimulus Watch: The policy resource center Good Jobs First has put together this extensive database of CARES Act funding recipients. You can search the database by federal agency, CARES Act program, business sector, company type, location, amount received, and whether the money has been refunded.
  • Body Politic’s Comprehensive Guide to Covering Long COVID: Writer and long COVID advocate Fiona Lowenstein has written this guide to covering the prolonged condition. The guide includes long COVID’s history, key terms, finding experts, telling patient stories, and more. Lowenstein shares key insights from the guide in this Center for Health Journalism article.
  • Update on Bloomberg’s Vaccine Tracker: After nine months of manual data updates, the team behind Bloomberg’s COVID-19 vaccine tracker is switching to automated data capture from the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins, and other sources. Or, as health editor Drew Armstrong put it on Twitter: “We’re finally ready to let the robots take over.” Thank you, Bloomberg team, for your months of hard work!

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