Vaccination data in the U.S.

Here are the major data sources for vaccination data in the United States. We’ve included government sources, news publications, and independent dashboards.

The page is split into two tables: national sources and state sources. Click the green + icon to see detailed annotations on each source.

This resource will be updated weekly. The most recent update was January 24, 2021.

National COVID-19 vaccination dashboards

Government, journalistic, and independent sources tracking vaccination in the U.S.
NameLinkGeographies availableMetrics availableDemographics availableUpdate scheduleTime seriesNotesAnnotations last updated
CDC COVID Data Tracker: Vaccinations statesDoses distributed, total doses administered, people receiving 1 and 2 doses (all included both as counts and rates per 100,000)NoneDailyReporting started on Dec. 20; time series not yet available.The CDC dashboard started reporting state-level counts on Dec. 30. As of Jan. 24, state-level counts are now also reported for doses distributed and administered through the Federal Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program. Download the data from the table below the dashboard.1/24 11:12
Our World in Data: COVID-19 Vaccinations countries (including U.S.)Doses administered, doses adminstered per 100 people, doses administered per day, number of people who have received 1 and 2 dosesNoneDailyBack to Dec. 14, 2020Counts are compiled from public sources, largely national public health agencies1/24 11:13
Bloomberg's COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker countries (including U.S.); U.S. statesDoses distributed, doses administered (first and second doses), % of dose supply used, % of population vaccinatedNoneDailyReporting started on Dec. 18; time series available by country and by state.Counts are sourced from public health agencies (national and states). The dashboard also includes data on vaccine contracts and the development progress of other vaccines. Bloomberg reporter Drew Armstrong posts regular updates on Twitter; see his Vaccine Data User Guide thread for more methodology notes and info: 11:16
New York Times: [X] Million People in the U.S. Have Gotten a Covid-19 Vaccine statesDoses distributed, shots given, % of population that has gotten 1 and 2 shots, % doses used, new reported doses by day, population eligible for vaccines in every stateNoneDailyReporting started on Dec. 16; time series not availableMethodology is not prominently featured. The NYT provides some text contextualizing its vaccine counts.1/24 11:17
The Washington Post: [X] million people have been vaccinated in the U.S. statesDoses distributed, doses administered (first and second doses), doses scheduled for delivery, state residents prioritized, various %sNoneDailyReporting started on Dec. 12; time series not availableCounts are sourced from the CDC or state dashboards, depending on which information is most recent. Dashboard also includes context on which groups of residents have been prioritized in each state (unique feature).1/24 11:18
Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center: Vaccine Tracker statesDoses administered (total, past day), people and % of population fully vaccinated (where available)NoneVaries by stateReporting started on Dec. 14; time series available on GitHub: from state dashboards and news releases.1/24 11:19
COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Dashboard by Benjy Renton!/vizhome/COVID-19VaccineAllocationDashboard/Dashboard1U.S. statesDoses allocated, doses expected but not shipped, doses distributed, doses administered, % administeredNoneVaccine administration data stopped updating on Dec. 31; allocation updates continueReporting started on Dec. 4; time series can be shared upon requestCompiled from local news reports, state press releases, and dashboards; see Renton's Dec. 31 Twitter thread for more details on his methodology and decision to cease dose administration updates: 11:20
COVID Vaccine Administration Dashboard by Joshua Neronha!/vizhome/Covid_Vax_Dashboard/Dashboard1?publish=yesU.S. statesTotal doses administered, doses administered by day, % of needed doses administeredNoneDailyBack to Dec. 26, 2020Counts are sourced from the CDC or state dashboards, depending on which information is most recent. Updates posted on Twitter @COVIDVaxDash.1/24 11:21
CDC: Pfizer vaccine distribution allocations statesDoses allocated by week (first and second doses)NoneSporadically (at least once per week)Back to Dec. 14, 2020Official allocation counts from the federal government.1/24 11:22
CDC: Moderna vaccine distribution allocations statesDoses allocated by week (first and second doses)NoneSporadically (at least once per week)Back to Dec. 19, 2020Official allocation counts from the federal government.1/24 11:22

State data availability

As of January 24, 2021:

  • 47 states and D.C. are reporting some form of COVID-19 vaccination data on a dedicated page or dashboard
  • The only states not reporting these data are Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Nevada.
  • 23 states are reporting race and ethnicity of vaccinated residents
  • 28 states are reporting age of vaccinated residents
  • 24 states are reporting gender or sex of vaccinated residents
  • 32 states are reporting vaccinations by county or a similar local jurisdiction
  • 40 states are reporting their vaccination phase (1A, 1B, etc.)
  • 16 states are prominently featuring information on how residents can get vaccinated, such as a registration portal or contact information for local public health departments

Only dedicated dashboards and pages are included in this tally; regular press releases and social media reports are not included.

State COVID-19 vaccination dashboards

Annotations on how every state is (or isn't) tracking vaccination.
StateLinkNavigation notesGeographies availableMetrics availableDemographics availableUpdate scheduleVaccination phaseRegistration infoOther notesAnnotations last updated
Alaska dashboardRegionsDoses allocated (broken out by manufacturer), doses administered (by manufacturer, by date), dose #1 vaccinations and vaccination series completeRace, ethnicity, age, genderDaily Mon-FriPhase 1B Tier 1: healthcare workers and people age 65+ 23:36
Alabama dashboardEntire stateDoses delivered to AL (state-wide, LTC), doses administered (broken out by manufacturer, by week), vaccine providersNoneDaily Mon-FriNot available on dashboardNot available1/23 23:38
Arkansas pageEntire stateDoses received, doses given (both for general population and long-term care facilities; total and for the past day)NoneDailyPhase 1B: adults age 70+, education workersNot availableList of pharmacies providing vaccinations is linked from this page1/23 23:39
Arizona reportsCountiesPhase vaccinating, total vaccines administered, vaccinations per 100,000 peopleNoneDailyMost counties are in Phase 1B; some are still in 1A 23:40
California page; scroll to the bottom to see doses administered by regionRegionsDoses shipped, doses administeredNoneDaily (with a lag of several days)Phase 1A: healthcare workers and long-term care residents; state encourages providers to start vaccinating adults over age 65 and others in 1B as wellNot availableMore information on a separate page: 23:42
Colorado dashboard; click the "Vaccine administration" button to see time series chartsEntire stateTotal vaccine providers, people immunized with one and two doses (total and by day), total doses administered (total, by day, by week, by manufacturer)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDailyPhase 1A and 1B data are reported as percents, with denominators referring to the "percent of all people immunized"1/23 23:45
ConnecticutNot reportingPhase 1B: healthcare workers, long-term care residents, medical first responders, adults age 75+CT Governor posts irregular updates on Twitter; no dashboard yet.1/23 23:47
District of Columbia on dashboardWardsDoses delivered, doses administered (broken out by day and by dose #1/#2), additional doses becoming available in the next weekNoneWeekly on MondaysPhase (unspecified): healthcare workers, adults age 65+ available by ward: number of residents who are fully vaccinated, number of age 65+ residents who have received their first dose1/23 23:50
Delaware on dashboardEntire stateDoses delivered (broken out by manufacturer), doses administered (total and by day), doses remainingRace, ethnicity, age, sexDailyPhase 1B: adults age 65+, frontline essential workersNot availablePage also includes info about vaccine release timeline.1/23 23:51
Florida reportsCountiesDoses administered/persons vaccinated (first dose, series complete, doses administered by day), immunization statusRace, ethnicity, age, genderDailyNot available on dashboardNot available1/23 23:53
Georgia dashboardEntire stateEnrolled providers, doses allocated (broken out by manufacturer), doses shipped (by manufacturer), doses administeredNoneDaily Mon-FriPhase 1A+: Healthcare workers, long-term care residents and staff, adults age 65+, first respondersNot available1/23 23:54
Hawaii on dashboardCountiesDoses received, doses administered (total and by week)NoneWeekly on WednesdaysPhase 1BNot available1/23 23:57
Iowa reportsCountiesTotal doses administered (broken out by manufacturer), vaccine series initiated/completedNoneDailyNot available on dashboardNot availableReport includes doses administered by recipient county of residence and by county of vaccine provider1/23 23:58
Idaho!/vizhome/COVID-19VaccineDataDashboard/ResidenceNew dashboard, metrics on main pageCountiesDoses administered (broken out by day), people with series in progress, people fully vaccinatedNoneMonday, Wednesday, Friday"Estimated timeline" is available, but on a separate page from the dash: availableDoses are broken out by both county and public health district1/24 0:00
Illinois pageCountiesDoses allocated, doses administered (both overall and for long-term care; total and by day), people fully vaccinated, vaccination 7-day rolling averageNoneDailyPhase 1ANot availableDashboard also includes Illinois COVID-19 Community Vulnerability scores by county1/24 0:02
Indiana dashboard; click "Vaccine Dashboard" from the page to get thereCountiesFirst dose administered, fully vaccinated (counts for the previous day and total)Race, ethnicity, age, genderDailyCurrent phase includes healthcare workers, first responders, adults age 70+ 0:03
Kansas dashboard; click "Doses Administered" from the pageEntire stateDoses allocated (broken out by week and by manufacturer), doses distributed, doses administered (first dose and second dose; by manufacturer; by day), total people vaccinatedAge, sexMonday, Wednesday, FridayPhase 2Not available1/24 0:06
Kentucky pageEntire stateDoses received, doses administered (both state-wide and in LTCs)NoneDaily Mon-FriPhase 1BNot availableKentucky's goal: administer 90% of all vaccine received in state within 7 days of arrival1/24 0:07
Louisiana on the dashboard; click "Vaccination Information" in the top rightLDH regionsInitiated vaccine series, completed vaccine series, doses administered (total and new), providers enrolledRace, age, genderTuesdays and ThursdaysPhase 1B, Tier 1"Patients must contact a participating pharmacy and make an appointment at the pharmacy." 0:10
Massachusetts reportCountiesDoses administered (total and by day, first and second doses), doses shipped to MA (total, by day, by manufacturer)Race, ethnicity, ageWeekly on ThursdaysPhase 1Not availableReport includes detailed data definitions. Doses administered by practice type included.1/24 0:11
Maryland dashboardRegionsDoses distributed, doses administered (first and second doses; total and by day)Race, ethnicity, age, genderDailyPhase 1BNot available1/24 0:13
Maine pageEntire stateTotal vaccinations (first and second doses)NoneDailyPhase 1A"Health care providers authorized by Maine CDC for Phase 1b may start contacting patients to schedule a vaccine."1/24 0:14
Michigan,9753,7-406-98178_103214-547150--,00.htmlNew dashboardCountiesVaccines distributed (broken out by manufacturer, by day), doses administered (by manufacturer, by day, first and second doses), providers enrolledAge, sexDaily Mon-FriPhase (unspecified): adults age 65+, frontline essential workers, childcare and school staff, congregate care facilities (and ongoing for healthcare workers, long-term care residents and staff)"Michigan local health departments will schedule vaccinations. You can figure out the name of the local health department for your county using this map.",9753,7-406-98178_104834---,00.htmlPhase info available at,9753,7-406-98178_103214_104822---,00.html1/24 0:15
Minnesota page; distribution and provider data linked at the bottom of the pageCountiesTotal vaccinations (broken out by manufacturer, by week), registered providers, doses allocated, doses shipped, doses distributed, people with one dose / completed seriesAge, genderDaily, but with a 1-2 day delayPhase (unspecified): healthcare workers, long-term care residentsNot available"Data is updated daily at 11 a.m. unless otherwise specified, but there is a delay between a vaccine being given and when it is reported to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)." Data included both statewide and for LTCs.1/24 0:18
Missouri of dashboardCountiesDoses administered (total and by day), people who have received one and two doses, share of population who have received a doseRace, ethnicity, age, sexDailyPhase 1B - Tier 1Not availableThere's a two-day delay between vaccination administration and reporting on the dashboard. More MO vaccination info available at: 0:20
Mississippi,0,420,976.htmlNew page; click "Vaccination Report for Mississippi" to see dataCountiesReported vaccinations (total and by week); people vaccinated with one and two doses; doses distributed by MS providers and federal pharmacy partnershipRace, ethnicity, ageUnclear (last update 1/16)Phase 1B.1: healthcare workers, long-term care residents, adults age 75+,22816,420,976.html1/24 0:22
Montana pageEntire stateTotal doses administered, residents fully immunized, doses received (total and past week)NoneUnclear (last update 1/20)Phase 1BNot availableMontana is prioritizing "American Indians and other persons of color who may be at elevated risk for COVID-19 complications."1/24 0:23
North Carolina dashboardCountiesDoses administered (by week; first dose, complete vaccine series), total doses administered at long-term care facilitiesRace, ethnicity, age, genderDaily, with a 72-hour lagPhase 1A: healthcare workers and long-term care residents and staff; and 1B: adults age 65+Instructions on finding and contacting local vaccine providers: notes: "There can be a 72-hour lag in data reported to NCDHHS."1/24 0:25
North Dakota dashboardCountiesDoses received, doses administered (first and second doses) (both broken out by manufacturer); provider sites enrolledRace, ethnicity, ageDaily Mon-FriNot available on dashboardNot availablePercentages reflect ND residents registered in the state IIS, not all ND residents (see note below the dash)1/24 0:27
Nebraska dashboardEntire stateDoses distributed, doses administered (first and second doses, total and by day), percent of population completing vaccinationRace, ethnicity, age, genderDailyPhase 1A: healthcare workers and long-term care residentsNot availableDemographics reported seperately for first and second doses1/24 0:28
New HampshireNot reportingPhase 1 0:29
New Jersey of dashboard; see "Vaccination Overview"CountiesDoses administered (first and second doses; total and by day; by manufacturer)Race, ethnicity, age, genderDailyPhase 1: healthcare workers, long-term care residents and staff, first responders, adults age 65+, high-risk individuals includes a map of vaccination sites which is not interactive1/24 0:31
New Mexico pageEntire stateDoses administered (total, past week), doses received, total registrants for appointments, locations administering vaccinesNoneDaily Mon-FriNot available on dashboard 0:32
NevadaNot reporting1/24 0:34
New York dashboardRegionsDoses received, doses administered (first and second doses), doses allocated by week, percent of first doses administered at NYS distribution sitesNoneDailyPhase 1A and 1B 0:36
Ohio dashboard; click the dropdown menu below "Key Metrics" to see other demographic categoriesCountiesVaccine started, vaccine completed (total and in the past day)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDailyNot available on dashboardNot available1/24 0:37
Oklahoma on dashboardEntire stateDoses administered (prime doses and completed series), doses allocated (prime and booster)NoneUnclear (last update 1/22)Not available on dashboard 0:38
Oregon!/vizhome/OregonCOVID-19VaccinationTrends/OregonStatewideVaccinationTrendsNew dashboardCountiesDoses administered, people vaccinated (total and by day, series in progress and fully vaccinated), doses allocatedRace, ethnicity, age, sexDaily Mon-FriPhase 1ANot availableMore info here: 0:40
Pennsylvania dashboard; click the arrow icon at the bottom right to see it in full-screen formCountiesVaccinations administered (partial and full; total and by date), number of people vaccinated (demographics); provider locationsRace, ethnicity, age, genderDailyPhase 1A: healthcare workers, long-term care residentsNot availableProvider locations are in a separate dashboard1/24 0:43
Rhode Island dashboardEntire stateDoses received (statewide, in various facilities), doses administered (first and second), people fully vaccinatedRace, ethnicity, ageDailyNot available on dashboardNot available publiclyPrivate links are reportedly available to eligible healthcare workers and high-risk individuals 0:46
South Carolina pageEntire stateDoses received, doses administered (total and by manufacturer; first and second doses), appointments scheduledNoneUnclear (last update 1/23)Phase 1ANot availableNote on page reads: "This page will be updated regularly as information becomes available." Page also includes vaccine allocation by facility.1/24 0:47
South Dakota on the dashboard; click "Vaccines" (on the right)CountiesTotal doses administered, total persons administered a vaccine (both broken down by manufacturer) (1 dose and series complete, vaccinations by week)Age, sexDailyPhases 1A-1DNot available1/24 0:49
Tennessee dashboardCountiesVaccinations (total, in the last week, broken out by day and by manufacturer), people with 1 and 2 doses, total doses delivered (by manufacturer and by site type), doses administered in LTCsRace, ethnicity, age, sexUnclear (last update 1/21)Phase 1A-1B (depending on the county)Not available (yet)Vaccinations by site type also reported. Portal expected soon: 0:50
Texas dashboardCountiesDoses allocated (broken out by manufacturer, by week, by provider type), doses administered (total and by week), people vaccinated (one dose and fully vaccinated)Race, ethnicity, age, genderDailyPhase 1A and 1B 0:52
Utah on the dashboardLocal public health jurisdictionsVaccines administered (total and by day; totals by manufacturer), people immunized with one and two dosesNoneDailyPhase 1: healthcare workers, long-term care residents and staff, first responders, public health workers, Tribal health workersState instructs residents to contact their local health departments1/24 0:54
Virginia dashboardCountiesDoses administered (total and by day; by manufacturer; by site type), people vaccinated with at least one dose, people fully vaccinated, doses distributed (total and previous day)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDailyPhase 1A and 1BNot availableNote below the dashboard: "While not mandated, providers are asked to enter data on race/ethnicity and sex." More info on eligibility: 0:56
Vermont dashboardCountiesDoses received, doses administered, people started, people completed (total and by day), percent of population vaccinatedRace, ethnicity, age, sexDaily Tues-SatPhase 1A: healthcare workers, long-term care residents and staffNot available1/24 1:00
Washington on dashboard; see "Vaccinations" (on the right)CountiesDoses administered (total and by day), doses delivered to WA providers (LTC and others), percent of delivered doses givenNoneDailyPhase 1ANot availableData lag by two days. More vaccine info here: 0:59
Wisconsin pageCountiesDoses allocated, doses ordered, doses in transit, doses administered, (by manufacturer; total and by day), residents who have completed the series (total and by day)Age, sexAdministered figures updated daily Mon-Fri; allocated and shipped figures updated weekly on TuesdaysPhase 1ANot available1/24 1:03
West Virginia on the dashboard; see "Vaccine Summary" (on the right)Entire stateFirst doses administered, people fully vaccinated, doses allocated, doses administered by day, percent of 1st and 2nd doses administeredRace, age, sexDailyPhase (unspecified): adults age 65+Not availableVaccination clinics are posted here (see "Click Here for Upcoming Vaccination Clinics"): 1:05
Wyoming pageEntire stateDoses received (broken out by manufacturer), doses administered (first and second)NoneDaily, with a lagPhase 1A and 1BNot available"Reported administered doses may be up to 72 hours behind actual doses administered."1/24 1:07

State dashboard links are sourced from the COVID Tracking Project’s State COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard Annotations. See this page for more information on state plans and other metrics, compiled by COVID Tracking Project volunteers.

To access the CDD’s annotations in a Google spreadsheet, make a copy of the document at this link.

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