Vaccination data in the U.S.

Here are the major data sources for vaccination data in the United States. We’ve included government sources, news publications, and independent dashboards.

The page is split into two tables: national sources and state sources. Click on a row to see detailed annotations on that source.

This resource will be updated one a month. The most recent update was March 12, 2022.

National COVID-19 vaccination dashboards

Government, journalistic, and independent sources tracking vaccination in the U.S.
NameLinkGeographies availableMetrics availableDemographics availableUpdate scheduleTime seriesNotesAnnotations last updated
CDC COVID Data Tracker: Vaccinations states, counties (county data at the "By County" tab)Doses delivered, doses administered, people with 1 dose / fully vaccinated / third doses (included both as counts and coverage rates), national vaccination coverage (5+, 12+, 18+, 65+), people eligible for boostersRace, ethnicity, age, sex (Click "Vaccination Delivery and Coverage" -> "By Race/Ethnicity, Age, and Sex" and "Trends by Race/Ethnicity, Age, and Sex")DailyBack to Dec. 14, 2020 (for both US overall and LTC program). Click on "Vaccinations" -> "Vaccination Trends." Reported numbers might change over tme as historical data are reported to the CDC.The CDC dashboard started reporting state-level counts on Dec. 30, 2020. As of Jan. 24, 2021, state-level counts are now also reported for doses distributed and administered through the Federal Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program. Download the current day's data from the table below the dashboard. Download historical time series data (by county) here: 18:11
HHS Community Profile Report states, counties, CBSAs (metropolitan/micropolitan areas)Doses distributed, doses administered, people with 1 dose / fully vaccinated / third doses (people and share of population; all, 5-11, 12-17, 12+, 18+, 65+; overall and change in past week)NoneWeekdays Tuesday-Friday(ish)Community Profile Reports started including vaccination data on April 12, 2021.Basically a downloadable format for the same info reported by the CDC's dashboard.3/12 18:12
Our World in Data: COVID-19 Vaccinations countries (including U.S.)Share of population who received at least one dose / complete initial series, doses administered (total, per 100 people, per day), third doses, vaccinations by age, doses used by manufacturer, start dates and sources for national vaccination campaignsNoneDailyBack to Dec. 14, 2020Counts are compiled from public sources, largely national public health agencies. Downloads are available for each chart.3/12 18:13
Bloomberg's COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker countries (including U.S.); U.S. statesDoses administered (total and by day, doses per 100 people), vaccination coverage, vaccine access, path to covering 75% of population, people with one dose/fully vaccinated/third dose, daily rate of doses administered, cases/deaths during Omicron compared to prior surgesRace, ethnicity for U.S. overall and states (where available): started on Dec. 18, 2020; time series available by country and by state. Download the full dataset on GitHub: are sourced from national public health agencies and the WHO. The dashboard also includes data on vaccine contracts and the development progress of other vaccines. As of Feb. 6, users must make a free Bloomberg account to view the dashboard. Bloomberg reporter Drew Armstrong posts regular updates on Twitter, and significant updates are posted to a Methodology and Analysis page: 18:15
New York Times: See How Vaccinations Are Going in Your County and State states, countiesVaccination coverage (1 dose / fully vaccinated / third dose, all and 65+), new reported doses by day (and by dose), county social vulnerability indexNoneDailyReporting started on Dec. 16, 2020Data are sourced from the CDC with county-level data from some states with limited federal reporting. The NYT provides some text contextualizing its vaccine counts.3/12 18:17
The Washington Post: [X] million people have received one or both doses of the vaccine in the U.S. states, countiesDoses administered (first dose / fully vaccinated / third doses, total and by day), vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 18+, 65+)Share of major race/ethnicity groups, age groups that have been vaccinated (national)DailyReporting started on Dec. 12, 2020; time series shown in charts but figures are not providedCounts are sourced from the CDC.3/12 18:19
Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center: Vaccine Tracker countries; U.S. statesDoses administered, people and % of population fully vaccinated, state vaccine plansNoneDailyReporting started on Dec. 14, 2020; time series available on GitHub: from government dashboards and news releases.3/12 18:19
US COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking countiesVaccination coverage (partial, complete, third/booster doses)NoneUnclearNoneCompiled from the CDC and state sources. Download the data here: 18:20
COVID Tracking Project: COVID-19 Vaccination Race and Ethnicity Data Availability statesAnnotations on state vaccine reporting including source links, navigation notes, and race/ethnicity categories reported (standard Census categories and others)Race/ethnicity (annotations, not counts)No longer updated, as of August 2021NoneAnnotations are included for 48 states + DC.3/12 18:20
KFF: State COVID-19 Data and Policy Actions statesDoses administered (first and second doses), distribution of vaccinations by known race/ethnicityRace/ethnicityRegularly (exact update schedule unclear)None47 states are included. KFF also tracks cases in LTCs and a variety of state policy actions. Dashboard was down and unavailable for a check on 3/12.1/16 10:54

State data availability

As of March 12, 2022:

  • 50 states and D.C. are reporting some form of COVID-19 vaccination data on a dedicated page or dashboard*
  • 48 jurisdictions are reporting race and ethnicity of vaccinated residents
  • 47 jurisdictions are reporting age of vaccinated residents
  • 42 jurisdictions are reporting gender or sex of vaccinated residents
  • 50 jurisdictions are reporting vaccinations by county or a similar local jurisdiction
  • 43 jurisdictions are reporting residents who have received third vaccine doses, also called “additional doses” or “booster shots”

*Nebraska is currently reporting some vaccination data, but the reporting may be short-lived; see this post for more information.

State COVID-19 vaccination dashboards

Annotations on how every state is tracking vaccination.
StateLinkNavigation notesGeographies availableMetrics availableDemographics availableUpdate scheduleRegistration infoOther notesAnnotations last updated
Alaska dashboardRegionsDoses administered (by week, by dose), people with 1 dose/fully vaccinated/third dose, vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 12+, 18+, 65+), vaccinations among 5-11 and 12-18 year oldsRace, ethnicity, age, genderMondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 16:28
Alabama dashboardCountiesDoses delivered (state and federal providers), doses administered (total and by day), people receiving 1 dose/completing series/third doses, vaccination coverage, vaccine providersRace, ethnicity, age, sexTuesdays and ThursdaysSee "Vaccine Clinics" dashboardDashboard notes that data for most recent week may be incomplete. Demographic data are reported as percents.3/12 16:29
Arkansas pageRegionsDoses received, doses administered, percent doses administered, people partially / fully immunized, individuals with third dose, vaccination coverage (5+), percent of cases/deaths/hosps in unvaccinated peopleRace, ethnicityDaily Mon-Fri 16:31
Arizona on dashboard; click "Vaccine Administration"; click on a county to see demographics for vaccination in that countyCountiesDoses administered (total and by day), people who have received 1 dose / fully vaccinated, vaccination coverage (eligible and all)Race, ethnicity, age, genderDaily 16:33
California page with embedded dashboardsCounties, ZIP codesDoses administered (total and daily average), people partially/fully vaccinated, doses delivered (state and pharmacy partnerships), doses on hand, vaccination coverage, vaccination progress by demographic group, third dose recipientsRace, ethnicity, age, genderDaily data are reported as percents.3/12 16:34
Colorado dashboard; click the "Vaccine administration" button to see time series chartsCountiesTotal vaccine providers, people immunized with 1 dose / fully immunized / third doses, doses distributed, doses administered, vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 5-11, 12+, 12-17, 18+, 65+)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDaily data are reported as percents, with denominators referring to the "percent of all people immunized"3/12 16:37
Connecticut pageCounties, TownsDoses administered (total and by week), people who have initiated vaccination / fully vaccinated (number and percent for all CT residents, priority ZIP codes, by provider type, by other demographic groups), third dosesRace, ethnicity, age, sexWeekly on Thursdays downloads available at 16:38
District of Columbia on dashboardWardsDoses administered (total and by day), residents and non-residents partially/fully vaccinated, third dose recipients, vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 12+, 18+, 65+), breakthrough casesRace, ethnicity, age, genderWeekly on Mondays with a lag to second dose appointment tab includes individuals who are fully vaccinated, pending second dose, or >1 week overdue for their second dose -- overall and by ward. Breakthrough cases tab includes case outcomes, demographics, and other case info.3/12 16:43
Delaware on dashboardCensus tractsDoses delivered (total and by day), doses administered (total and by day), people vaccinated (1 dose / fully vaccinated, total and by day, DE residents and non-residents), third dose recipients, vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 12+, 18+, 65+, in vulnerable communities)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDailyNot availableDashboard notes that delivery info is based on the federal tracking database Tiberius.3/12 16:46
Florida reportsCountiesPeople vaccinated (first dose, series complete, third dose; totals and by week), vaccination coverage (overall/5+/by demographic)Race, ethnicity, age, genderWeekly on Fridays switched from daily to weekly reporting on June 3.3/12 16:47
Georgia dashboardCounties, Census tractsDoses administered (total and by day), residents vaccinated (1 dose / fully vaccinated / third dose, total and by day), vaccine coverageRace, ethnicity, age, sexDaily of 8/15/21, Georgia is now publishing vaccinations by Census tract: 16:49
Hawaii on dashboard; click "Vaccine Summary"Counties, ZIP codesDoses administered, people initiating/completed vaccination, third doses, vaccine coverage (overall, 5+, and by race/age)Race, ageDaily Mon-FriNot available3/12 16:50
Iowa dashboardCountiesVaccine coverage (one dose / fully vaccinated; overall and by demographic group; 5+, 12+, 18+, 65+), total people with complete vaccine series/third dosesRace, ethnicity, ageWeekly on TuesdaysSee "Vaccine Provider Information" section: click a county to find contact info for vaccine providers in this countyDashboard includes doses administered by recipient county of residence and by county of vaccine provider. Demographic information is reported in percents.3/12 16:55
Idaho!/vizhome/COVID-19VaccineDataDashboard/LandingPageNew dashboard, metrics on main pageCounties, ZIP codesDoses delivered and administered (total and by week), people who received 1 dose / fully vaccinated / third dose (total and by day), vaccination coverage (5+, 12+, 18+, 65+)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDailyNot availableDoses are broken out by both county and public health district; pre-registered residents tab includes data on age group and medical risk level; providers tab includes data on specific providers (not just categories); Idaho also publishes CDC data for the state3/12 16:57
Illinois pageCountiesDoses administered (total and by day), people with one dose/fully vaccinated/third dose (all, 5+, 12+, 18+, 65+), vaccination in LTCs and for childrenRace, ethnicity, age, genderDailyNot availableAs of November 7, Illinois has updated its COVID-19 dashboard and taken out most of its vaccine reporting.3/12 16:59
Indiana dashboardCountiesDoses administered (total and by day), first dose administered, fully vaccinated (broken out by two-dose and single-dose series), third dose recipientsRace, ethnicity, age, genderDaily Mon-Fri 17:02
Kansas dashboard; click "Doses Administered" from the pageCountiesDoses distributed (state and federal program), doses administered (first, second, and third doses; by manufacturer; by day; by provider), total people vaccinated, vaccination coverage (all, 5+)Race, ethnicity, age, sexMonday, Wednesday, FridayNot availableDemographic data include stratifications by age and race, along with vaccination rates (per 1,000 population)3/12 17:03
Kentucky "Vaccine Data" for a dashboard with major metrics; click "KY COVID-19 Weekly Report" for a report with demographic dataCountiesPeople vaccinated (first dose, fully vaccinated, third dose; by manufacturer; by age group), vaccination coverageNoneWeekly on MondaysNot availableDemographic data are updated weekly3/12 18:27
Louisiana on the dashboard; click "Vaccination Information" in the top rightParishesInitiated vaccine series, completed vaccine series, doses administered (total and new), third dosesRaceMondays and Thursdays"Patients must contact a participating pharmacy and make an appointment at the pharmacy." data are reported in percents, for LA residents only.3/12 17:07
Massachusetts reports (with dose counts) and weekly reports (with geographic and demographic data)CountiesDoses administered (total and by day, partial/full vaccinations, third doses, by manufacturer), doses shipped to MA (total, by day), vaccination coverage, breakthrough cases/hosps/deathsRace, ethnicity, ageDoses administered/shipped daily Mon-Fri; demographic, time series, breakthrough case data weekly includes detailed data definitions. Doses administered by practice type also included.3/12 17:09
Maryland dashboardCountiesDoses distributed, doses administered (first/second/single/third doses; total and by day), vaccination coverage, breakthrough casesRace, ethnicity, age, genderDailyNot available3/12 17:10
Maine dashboardCounties, ZIP codesDoses administered (first, second, and third doses; total and by day; by manufacturer), vaccination coverage, vaccination rates for healthcare workers and studentsRace, ethnicity, age, genderDaily coverage available overall and for eligible population (over age 12). Vaccination rates by ZIP code (updated every two weeks): 17:12
Michigan,9753,7-406-98178_103214-547150--,00.htmlAs of October 2, Michigan appears to have discontinued its detailed vaccine dashboard, but data are still available in downloadable Excel files.CountiesVaccination coverage (age 5+, various other demographics), doses distributed (total and by day), doses administered (total and by week), third doses, vaccine providers, doses administered in LTC program and Department of CorrectionsRace, ethnicity, age, sexDaily"Michigan local health departments will schedule vaccinations. You can figure out the name of the local health department for your county using this map.",9753,7-406-98178_104834---,00.htmlLTC info available below the dashboard, along with data downloads for individual providers; phase info available at,9753,7-406-98178_103214_104822---,00.html / Dashboard was unavailable for a check on June 13.3/12 17:15
Minnesota dashboard; distribution and provider data linked at the bottom of the pageCountiesPeople with one dose / completed series / third dose ("up to date"), doses administered (total, by day, by week, by month), doses shipped (broken out by manufacturer, by provider type), doses allocated, doses distributed, vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 12+, 16+, 65+)Race, ethnicity, age, genderDaily Mon-FriNot available"Data is updated daily at 11 a.m. unless otherwise specified, but there is a delay between a vaccine being given and when it is reported to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)." Data included both statewide and for LTCs. Race/ethnicity data reported in percents, updated weekly, accounting for 90% of the people who have a COVID-19 immunization record with the state. MN also reports vaccination equity rates, based on the CDC Social Vulnerability Index.3/12 17:18
Missouri of dashboardCountiesDoses administered (total and by day), people who have initatiated / completed vaccination, third doses, vaccination coverage, 7-day vaccination rateRace, ethnicity, age, sexDailyNot availableThere's a two-day delay between vaccination administration and reporting on the dashboard. Hover over demographic bars to get precise numbers. More MO vaccination info available at: 17:19
Mississippi,23549,420,971.htmlNew page; click "COVID-19 vaccination totals and demographics" to see dataCountiesDoses administered (total and by week, by facility type, by manufacturer); people with 1 dose / fully vaccinated / third doses; doses distributed by MS providers and federal agencies; vaccination status of COVID deathsRace, ethnicity, ageDaily Mon-Fri,0,420,976.html#providerMapDoses adminstered by facility also reported.3/12 17:21
Montana page; for demographic info, see COVID-19 Demographics tab -> "Percent of Eligible Montanans Fully Vaccinated"CountiesTotal doses administered, residents fully immunized, vaccination coverage, local vaccine contactsAgeDailySee the "Local Vaccine Contacts" tabVaccine availability by county: 17:22
North Carolina dashboardCountiesDoses administered (total and by week; first/second/single shot doses; third doses; state/federal programs), vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 12+, 18+, 65+)Race, ethnicity, age, genderDaily Mon-FriInstructions on finding and contacting local vaccine providers: notes: "There can be a 72-hour lag in data reported to NCDHHS." Demographic data available for both total and week-by-week vaccinations.3/12 17:23
North Dakota dashboardCountiesDoses administered (first/second/third doses, total and by day, by manufacturer), coverage rates (5+, 12+, 18+, 65+), provider sites enrolledRace, ethnicity, age, sexDaily Mon-FriNot availableDemographic data are reported in percentages. Percentages reflect ND residents registered in the state IIS, not all ND residents (see note above dashboard)3/12 17:25
Sparse dashboardLDH regionsDoses administered (total and by day; partially/fully vaccinated), doses allocated, vaccine coverage, total breakthrough cases / hospitalizations / deathsRace, ethnicity, age, genderWeekly on Wednesdays the Nebraska public health department: "The State of Nebraska COVID-19 Dashboard is no longer available as of June 30, 2021. Any future updates regarding coronavirus will be provided in news releases and through other means."3/12 17:26
New Hampshire on dashboardProvider sitesDoses administered (one dose/fully vaccinated; NH residents/non-residents; total and by day; state/federal programs; by manufacturer; by site type), vaccination coverageRace, ethnicity, age, sexDaily Mon-Fri of September 13, vaccinations are now incorporated in the New Hampshire COVID-19 dashboard.3/12 17:29
New Jersey of dashboard; see "Vaccination Overview"CountiesDoses administered (one dose/fully vaccinated; total and by day; by manufacturer), vaccination coverage (all, 12-17, 12+, 18+, 30+, 65+), doses by state vs federal programs, third dosesRace, ethnicity, age, genderDaily 17:32
New Mexico pageCountiesDoses received, doses administered (total, first dose / fully vaccinated, by the state / federal agencies in NM), doses received (state and federal programs), vaccination coverage (5-11, 12-17, 18+)Race, ethnicity, ageDaily Mon-Fri 17:41
Nevada of dashboard; see "Current Status" -> "Vaccinations" and "Demographics" -> "Vaccinations"CountiesDoses administered (total and by day; series initiated and completed; doses per 100K people; Nevada residents and non-residents), vaccination coverage (all, 5+)Race, ethnicity, age, genderDailyNot availableMore vaccine info available at: 17:43
New York dashboards; see "Vaccine Data" sectionCounties, ZIP codesPeople with one dose and completed series, doses administered (total, past week, past day), vaccination coverage (all, 18+), hospital worker vaccinations, LTC vaccinations, vaccine pop-up program, breakthrough casesRace, ethnicity, age, genderDaily data includes percents of eligible populations, for easy comparison. Hospital worker vaccinations: 17:45
Ohio dashboard; click the dropdown menu below "Key Metrics" to see other demographic categoriesCountiesVaccine started, vaccine completed, third doses (total and by day), vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 12+, 18+)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDailyNot available3/12 17:45
Oklahoma on dashboard + weekly reports (see "Weekly Epidemiology and Surveillance Report" in the footer)CountiesDoses administered (first dose and fully vaccinated; total and by day), vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 12+, 18+, 65+), third dosesRace, ethnicity, age, genderTotals and overall vax coverage daily Mon-Fri; demographics weekly data are updated weekly (included in weekly reports)3/12 17:46
New dashboardCounties, ZIP codesDoses administered (by manufacturer, total and by day), people vaccinated (series in progress, fully vaccinated, third doses), vaccination coverage (all and 18+, current rates and by day, overall and various demographics), boosters neededRace, ethnicity, age, sexDaily info here: 17:47
Pennsylvania dashboard; click the arrow icon at the bottom right to see it in full-screen formCountiesVaccinations administered (partial, full, third doses; total and by day), total people vaccinated, vaccination coverage (all and 5-11)Race, ethnicity, age, genderDailySee the "Pennsylvania Vaccine Provider Information" dashboard locations are in a separate dashboard at 17:48
Rhode Island dashboardCities and townsDoses administered (total and by day), people vaccinated (first dose/fully vaccinated/third doses), vaccination coverage (overall and by age/race/sex), countdown to 100% vaccination coverage, breakthrough cases and hospitalizationsRace, ethnicity, age, sexTotals daily Mon-Fri; demographics weeklyNot available publicly3/12 17:52
South Carolina
New page + new dashboardCountiesDoses delivered, doses administered (total and by week; by manufacturer; first/second/single/third doses, state and federal programs), dose utilization rates (overall and by manufacturer), residents who have started/completed vaccination, vaccination coverage (5+, 5-11, 12+)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDaily Mon-FriNot availableAllocation page also includes vaccine allocation by facility.3/12 18:29
South Dakota on the dashboard; click "Vaccines" (on the right)CountiesTotal doses administered, total persons administered a vaccine (both broken down by manufacturer) (1 dose and series complete, third doses, vaccinations by week), vaccination coverageRace, ethnicity, age, sexDaily Mon-FriNot availableRace/ethnicity data are reported as percents (other demographic data reported as numbers)3/12 17:55
Tennessee no longer available, but data are included in downloadable Excel filesCountiesVaccinations (total and by day), people with series initiated/complete/third dosesRace, ethnicity, age, sexDaily 17:57
Texas dashboardCountiesDoses administered (total, by week, by provider type), people vaccinated (one dose, fully vaccinated, third doses), vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 65+)Race, ethnicity, age, genderDaily's dashboard previously had a tab with vaccine allocation data; this tab is no longer being updated as of May 3 becuase the state has sufficient supply of vaccine.3/12 17:58
Utah on the dashboard ("Vaccines" on far right)Local public health jurisdictionsDoses delivered (total and by day), doses administered (total and by day; by provider type; by manufacturer), people with one dose / fully vaccinated / third dose, vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 5-11, 12-15, 12+, 16+, 18+, 65+)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDailyState instructs residents to contact their local health departmentsVaccinations by site type also reported; more info at 18:00
Virginia dashboardCountiesDoses administered (total and by day; by manufacturer; by site type), people vaccinated (1 dose and fully vaccinated, third doses), doses received (by manufacturer, by site type, by day), vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 12+, 18+, 65+), federal doses administered, breakthrough casesRace, ethnicity, age, sexDailyNot availableNote below the dashboard: "While not mandated, providers are asked to enter data on race/ethnicity and sex." Demographic data reported seperately for people who have received 1 and 2 doses. More info on eligibility: 18:02
Vermont dashboardCountiesDoses administered (total and by manufacturer), people who have started/completed series, third doses, vaccination coverage (5+)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDaily Mon-Fri 18:04
Washington on dashboard; see "Vaccinations" (on the right)CountiesDoses administered (total and by day, past week average), doses delivered (state and federal providers), percent of delivered doses given, people vaccinated (series initiated/complete), vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 12+, 16+)Race, ethnicity, age, sexMonday, Wednesday, Friday lag by two days. More vaccine info here: 18:06
Wisconsin pageCountiesDoses administered (by manufacturer, by day, by provider type), residents who have received one dose / completed series / third dose (total and by week), vaccination coverage (all, 5+)Race, ethnicity, age, sexDaily Mon-Fri (administration figures) and weekly (allocation figures)Not availableDashboard not working during check on June 6.3/12 18:07
West Virginia on the dashboard; see "Vaccine Summary" (on the right)CountiesDoses administered (total and by day), people partially and fully vaccinated, third doses, vaccination coverage (all, 5+, 18+, 65+), breakthrough cases and deathsRace, age, sexDaily Mon-Fri 18:08
Wyoming page + dashboardCountiesDoses administered (first/second/third/single dose; total and by week; by manufacturer), vaccination coverage (overall, 5-11, 12-17, 18+, 65+)NoneDaily, with a lag"Reported administered doses may be up to 72 hours behind actual doses administered. Counts do not include federal doses provided separately and directly for tribal, VA, and military facilities."3/12 18:09

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