School data update, Sept. 6

Since last week’s issue, four more forms of official state reporting on COVID-19 in schools have come to my attention:

  • New Hampshire is publishing school-associated case data, including active cases, recovered cases, and outbreak status (not clearly defined) on a page of the state’s dashboard, updated daily.
  • Mississippi is publishing a weekly report on cases, quarantines, and outbreaks among students, teachers, and staff, aggregated by county. So far, the state has released reports on the weeks ending August 21 and August 28.
  • Hawaii’s state Department of Education is publishing a page on COVID-19 in the school district, updated weekly. (Did you know that the entire state of Hawaii is comprised of one school district?)
  • New York is launching a public dashboard on COVID-19 in schools; this dashboard will be available starting on September 9. So far, the page states that, “New York school districts will be required to provide the Department of Health with daily data on the number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 beginning Tuesday, September 8th.” Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that classes in New York City would be delayed by two weeks to allow for more extensive safety precautions.

In addition, the nonprofit civic data initiative USAFacts has compiled a dataset of reopening plans in America’s 225 largest public school districts. The dataset classifies reopening plans as online, hybrid, in-person, or other, with information as of August 17.

Meanwhile, on the higher education front:

  • Education reporter (and friend of this newsletter!) Benjy Renton has launched a dashboard keeping track of COVID-19 outbreaks on college and university campuses. The dashboard organizes outbreaks according to their alert level, based on new cases in the past week.
  • I am continuing to monitor the COVID-19 metrics reported by college and university dashboards in my comparison spreadsheet. I haven’t had the chance to expand this analysis much in the past week, but it continues to be an ongoing project.

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