Featured sources, January 30

  • KFF updates COVID-19 vaccine monitor: The Kaiser Family Foundation released a new report in its COVID-19 vaccine polling project this week, marking over a year since the U.S.’s vaccine rollout began. Notable updates from this report include: people are worried about Omicron’s impact on the economy and healthcare system, less worried about its impact on them personally; vaccine uptake “inched up in January” with more people getting their first doses; and gaps in booster shot uptake echo early gaps in vaccine uptake, with white Americans getting boosted at higher rates than Black and Hispanic Americans.
  • New version of the COVID-19 circuit breaker dashboard: A few weeks ago, I shared a dashboard from emergency physician Dr. Jeremy Faust and colleagues that estimates which U.S. states and counties are facing hospitals operating at unsustainable levels. The dashboard has now been updated, with help from Kristen Panthagani, Benjy Renton, Bill Hanage, and others; this new version includes hospital capacity and related metrics over time for states and counties, estimates of open beds, ICU-specific data, and more.
  • Biobot’s Nationwide Wastewater Monitoring Network: If you’re looking to monitor COVID-19 levels in U.S. wastewater, Biobot’s dashboard is a great source. The wastewater epidemiology company collects samples from water treatment facilities across the country; their dashboard includes both estimates of coronavirus levels in the U.S. overall and estimates for specific counties in which data are collected. The data are available for download on Github. (H/t Data Is Plural.)
  • Prisoners released in 2020, DOJ: A new report from the U.S. Department of Justice includes data on state and federal prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of inmates in these facilities declined about 15% from the end of 2019 to the end of 2020, according to this report. A large cause for this decline was overall disruption in the court system, not compassionate releases due to the pandemic: there was a 40% decrease in prison admissions from 2019 to 2020.
  • Companies requiring COVID-19 vaccinations: ChannelE2E, a news site covering the IT industry, has compiled this comprehensive list of major companies requiring their employees to get vaccinated. The list includes about 50 companies, and is regularly updated with links to news sources discussing policy changes. (H/t Al Tompkins’ COVID-19 newsletter.)

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