COVID source callout: CDC’s weekly data review emails

I am a big fan of the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker Weekly Review newsletter, in which the agency sends key COVID-19 statistics, interpretations of the data, and other updates to my inbox every Friday afternoon (unless the data team is taking a holiday break). I use the emails regularly for my own National Numbers updates, and I find them helpful for flagging new CDC studies I may have missed.

However, I couldn’t help but notice that the writers of these Weekly Review newsletters are getting a bit… uncreative with their subject lines:

Last week’s email was titled, “Are You Up to Date?”, reminding readers to get their booster shots if they’re eligible. This week’s email got the remix of that title: “Stay Up to Date.”

CDC newsletter writers, if you’re reading this: I am available to spruce up your weekly review subject lines and, based on my track record with the COVID-19 Data Dispatch, I bet I could improve your open rates. Hit me up.

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