Featured sources, January 23

  • CDC dashboard adds booster shots to key pages: This week, the CDC added booster shot status to its COVID-19 dashboard page detailing the rates of lab-confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations by vaccination status. According to the new chart (at the bottom of this page), in December, hospitalization rates were 49 times higher in unvaccinated adults over age 65 than in fully vaccinated and boosted adults in that age group. The CDC also added booster shot status to its COVID-19 Vaccination Equity page, with a chart showing booster shot rates according to race and ethnicity. Unsurprisingly, white and Asian Americans have the highest booster rates.
  • KFF: How Are Private Insurers Covering At-Home Rapid COVID Tests? A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation compares rapid at-home test reimbursement policies for 13 major private insurers, as of mid-January 2022. According to the report, six insurers are currently offering direct coverage (meaning users don’t need to pay out of pocket for the tests), while seven offer reimbursement online, by mail, or by fax.
  • QCovid® risk calculator: This tool, commissioned by England’s Chief Medical Officer for use in the U.K. national healthcare system, helps potential COVID-19 patients estimate their risk for severe symptoms. The tool is meant for use by doctors and other medical professionals who are actively evaluating patients, but the website allows anyone to go through the risk questionnaire and see their status. (You just can’t use the results for anything beyond gaining information.)

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