Featured sources, December 26

  • Holiday risk estimator: A group of data analysts at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Pandemic Prevention Institute put together this tool showing the risk of coronavirus exposure at an event or gathering, taking Omicron’s increased transmissibility into account. You can plug in your county and view your risk at 10, 20, and 30-person events, with adjustments for attendee vaccination and rapid testing. The tool will be updated daily through the end of December, according to analyst Kaitlyn Johnson, with potential further updates after that point.
  • State Reporting of Covid-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections: Another source from the Rockefeller Foundation: researchers from the Pandemic Tracking Collective evaluated every state’s reporting of COVID-19 breakthrough cases. The evaluations include both the data fields states report and how information is presented. Only three states (California, Colorado, and Utah) scored an A; nine states that don’t share breakthrough case data regularly scored an F.
  • POLITICO’s State Pandemic Scorecard: And another evaluation of how states fared, but much broader: POLITICO reporters compiled data about state outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic, including health, economy, social well-being, and education. For each category, states are scored between zero and 100. “No state did well in every policy area,” the report finds; for example, some states that imposed more COVID-19 restrictions fared better on health but worse on economy and education.

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