COVID source shout-out: The CDD book

My girlfriend, Laura, is unbelievably good at gift-giving. Like, really, world-class every time, for everyone. But this year, she went above and beyond in her gift for me: she made the COVID-19 Data Dispatch into a book!

The book is 464 pages, including most of my posts from the first year of this newsletter and blog project—spanning July 2020 through July 2021. It’s got everything from case charts, to complaints about the CDC, to pictures of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Laura works as a production editor and designer at a publishing house, and I will be forever honored that she spent even more hours in InDesign to make this for me.

(Please note that this book is not commercially available, because we would need to clear a lot of copyright things with a lot of people. But if, for some reason, you would like a non-commercial copy, email me and we can figure something out!)

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