Featured sources, October 10

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness (CDC): The CDC has added a new page to its COVID Data Tracker, focused on visualizing how well the vaccines work. This page includes data from several ongoing studies used by the CDC to monitor vaccine effectiveness: one tracks COVID-19 infection in long-term care facility residents, another tracks hospitalization in veterans, and so on. “This is not a comprehensive representation of all data sets, but the populations being followed are large and well described (if limited),” said science writer Katherine Wu, sharing the new page on Twitter.
  • COVID-19-Associated Orphanhood in the U.S.: Over 140,000 American children lost a parent or a caregiver during the pandemic, according to a new study from the CDC, Imperial College London, and other collaborators. This study follows another study from Imperial College London that took a global focus (which I featured in the July 25 issue); this new paper includes data broken out by state and by race and ethnicity. Black children were more than twice as likely to lose a parent or caregiver as white children, and Native American children were more than four times as likely.

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