COVID source shout-out: Teen vaccinations in Maine

Vaccination rates in Maine’s school administrative units (SAUs). Screenshot taken on September 18.

At this point in America’s vaccine rollout, almost every state has a detailed dashboard. (Nebraska and Florida used to have detailed dashboards, before taking those sites down earlier this summer in a growing trend of states reducing their COVID-19 reporting.)

Most states report vaccination rates by county, ZIP code, or another similar local jurisdiction. But when I was updating the COVID-19 Data Dispatch vaccine annotations page last week, I noticed one unique offering: Maine is reporting vaccination rates for teenagers, ages 12 to 18, by school administrative unit. School administrative units roughly correspond to school districts, though different parts of Maine have different school governance structures.

This dashboard is incredibly useful; individual school districts can compare their vaccination rates to those of their neighbors, while anyone doing state-level research can get a quick overview of where districts stand. As of September 18, just two districts have under 25% of their teens vaccinated (Cutler Public Schools and MSAD 76), while a few districts have vaccination rates over 95%.

Maine’s Division of Disease Surveillance intends to update these data “about every two weeks,” according to the agency’s website.

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