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Event description via SWINY’s website.

I’m very excited to share that I’ll be discussing my “Opening” series at a virtual conversation this coming Wednesday, September 1 with David Levine, co-chair of Science Writers in New York (SWINY).

The “Opening” series is a solutions journalism project, profiling school districts that successfully brought the majority of their students back to in-person learning during the 2020-2021 school year while keeping case numbers down. Catch up on the series here. At the event, I hope to talk about the motivations behind this project, lessons from the districts I’ve profiled, continued school data concerns, and how Delta heightens reopening challenges.

SWINY has held numerous virtual Q&As throughout the pandemic, discussing the challenges of reporting on this crisis with science writers and experts including Carl Zimmer and Apoorva Mandavilli. It’s an honor to join that esteemed group of speakers. I look forward to answering questions from COVID-19 Data Dispatch readers and other science writing fans!

Register for the event here. It’ll be held virtually this coming Wednesday, September 1 at 7 PM Eastern.

Update, September 30: This event was recorded and is now available to watch on YouTube.

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