Featured sources, August 29

I was on vacation last week, unable to scour the internet for COVID-19 sources like I usually do. So, here are a couple of old favorites from the archives:

  • School Survey Dashboard from the Institute of Education Statistics (featured 3/28/21): As part of the Biden Administration’s commitment to reopening K-12 schools across the country, the federal government is now collecting data on how students are receiving education—and releasing those data on a monthly basis. This dashboard draws from surveys of a nationally represented sample including 7,000 rural, suburban, and urban schools, focusing on fourth-graders and eighth-graders. We (still!) don’t have data on COVID-19 cases, tests, or enrollment numbers, however.
  • Vaccine consent laws by state (featured on 5/23/21): As schools reopen, a lot of teenagers out there may want to know if they can get vaccinated without parental permission. The site VaxTeen provides these kids with information on the consent laws in every state, as well as a guide for talking to your parents about vaccines and other resources.
  • COVID-19 in ICE detention centers (featured on 11/1/20): Since March 2020, researchers from the Vera Institute of Justice have been compiling data from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on COVID-19 cases and testing in immigrant detention centers. The researchers note that ICE replaces previously reported numbers whenever its dataset is updated, making it difficult to track COVID-19 in these facilities over time.
  • Rural hospital closures (featured on 6/20/21): The North Carolina Rural Health Research Program at the University of North Carolina tracks hospitals in rural areas that close or otherwise stop providing in-patient care. The database includes 181 hospitals that have closed between 2005 and 2021, available in both an interactive map and a downloadable Excel file.

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