Featured sources, July 25

  • 2021 Health Disparities Report by America’s Health RankingsThis source isn’t specific to COVID-19, but it may be invaluable for reporting on the disparities worsened by the pandemic. America’s Health Rankings has put together comprehensive reports on national health data for decades; this is the first report to focus specifically on social determinants of health, including social, economic, physical environment, and other factors.
  • COVID-19 Orphanhood Calculator: Researchers at Imperial College London built this dashboard to track one of the most dire consequences of the pandemic: children who lost their parents or primary caregivers to COVID-19. That group includes more than 1.5 million children worldwide, according to a recent study by the same researchers. The estimates are based on COVID-19 mortality data and fertility data.
  • WHO COVID-19 Detailed Surveillance Data Dashboard: The World Health Organization has a new COVID-19 dashboard, and it’s incredibly detailed. Here, you can find testing data, case fatality ratios, cases and deaths by age, healthcare worker data, and more for all WHO member nations.

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