Featured sources, June 13

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout across US Congressional Districts: This dashboard, from the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, breaks down the U.S. vaccine rollout by a geography I haven’t yet seen: Congressional districts. The interactive maps highlight the partisan nature of this vaccine rollout—as POLITICO reporters pointed out in an article citing the tracker, “All but one of the 39 congressional districts where at least 60 percent of residents have received a coronavirus shot are represented by Democrats.”
  • Vaccination time series from the CDC: The CDC’s vaccine dashboard doesn’t allow users to download time series data (i.e. vaccinations by day), but now, you can find this information on the agency’s data portal. The dataset includes county-level vaccine administrations and coverage rates going back to December 13, 2020.
  • Methodology changes for Bloomberg’s COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: Bloomberg’s vaccine tracker is one of the most widely cited in the U.S., and for good reason—it’s incredibly comprehensive, compiling data from every country with an active vaccine rollout (and, in the early weeks of the rollout, from every U.S. state). After months of collecting data by hand, the Bloomberg team is now starting to automate their data collection, Health Editor Drew Armstrong announced this week. Many countries and the WHO are now providing stable enough data sources that such a change is possible.
  • Fiscal accountability for COVID-19 responses: The International Budget Partnership, a global nonprofit working to improve government budgets, has produced a report and interactive website analyzing accountability measures that international governments have—and have not—implemented as part of emergency COVID-19 responses. Notably, out of 120 countries surveyed, none have “substantive” accountability and only four have “adequate” accountability. (H/t Data Is Plural.)
  • COVID-19 risk levels for kid-related activities: This one isn’t a data source, per se, but I thought readers might find it helpful. A team of epidemiologists, immunologists, and public health scientists—including Katelyn Jetelina of Your Local Epidemiologist—compiled this detailed guide for families with unvaccinated children. The guide aims to help parents and families navigate their risk levels this summer.

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