COVID source shout-out: The CDD vaccinations page

Since early January, the COVID-19 Data Dispatch has maintained a page of detailed annotations on all the major sources for vaccination data in the U.S. This includes government sources (the CDC, all 50 states, and D.C.), along with a few notable news publications and independent dashboards. I’ve updated the page weekly, usually checking every data source on Saturday or Sunday to look for any changes or additions.

When I started maintaining these annotations, I saw major changes each week. States were bringing new dashboards online, adding more local geographies, adding more demographic data. I enjoyed watching the development and looking out for new features—almost a year of COVID Tracking Project data entry shifts had trained me for this nerdy practice. 

Now, however, most U.S. vaccination dashboards (and many international ones) are relatively stable. All the states and independent vaccine trackers have figured out what they’re doing, and they’re not really making changes. I rarely see new features, and when I do, they’re usually minor adjustments to a dashboard’s organization or terminology.

As a result, I’m adjusting my schedule. The CDD vaccinations page will now update every other week instead of weekly. I will be doing an update later today after sending this issue, then the following update will come in two weeks, on June 27.

I’m still going to look out for demographic vaccine data from the last two states not providing this information (Montana and Wyoming) and for any states that cut back their updating schedule (as Florida did last week). But I am expecting these biweekly updates to be more cursory than exciting going forward.

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