COVID source callout: Florida’s schedule change

The Florida public health agency is stalling daily updates to its COVID-19 dashboard, cases, and vaccine reports. Instead, the department will post weekly reports on Fridays, the Miami Herald reports.

The new reports will only include Florida residents, discounting any non-residents who become infected in the state. Florida is also no longer publishing reports on COVID-19 in schools, long-term care facilities, and prisons. Instead, the weekly reports will include more vaccination data.

When asked about the reason for this change, the Miami Herald reports, the health department cited high vaccination numbers for Florida residents and a low test positivity rate. But that doesn’t mean the pandemic is over—especially for the state’s minority residents, who have been vaccinated at a lower rate than white Floridians.

I will be watching with trepidation to see if any other states follow Florida’s lead in the coming weeks.

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