Source updates, May 16

Two more important CDC data updates for this week:

  • Vaccine demographics, for the past 14 days and over time: This week, the CDC added a new category to its Vaccine Demographics page. Previously, the page allowed users to compare overall first dose and fully vaccinated rates for different race/ethnicity, age, and sex groups; now, you can also make those comparisons specifically for vaccinations in the last two weeks. For a time series view, check out the Vaccine Demographic Trends page, which shows vaccination rates over time—now available for race/ethnicity, sex, and age. The race/ethnicity view clearly shows that White and Asian Americans are getting vaccinated at higher rates than other groups.
  • Variant tracker “Nowcast”: Loyal CDD readers will already know that I love to drag the CDC for reporting their variant data with an enormous lag; often the most recent figures on the agency’s Variant Proportions page are a month old. Well, maybe somebody on their team is reading, because this week, the CDC added a new option to its variant dashboard that addresses this issue. Selecting “Nowcast On” (below the variant color bars) allows you to view prevalence estimates for the current week, in addition to the agency’s most recent week of data collection. A note below the dashboard explains that the “Nowcast” figures are based on modeling estimates that extrapolate from known proportions. For example, B.1.1.7 is known to cause 66% of U.S. cases as of April 24, but the “Nowcast” estimate puts it at 72% of cases as of May 8. This is actually pretty useful, thanks CDC!

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