Featured sources, Nov. 29

These sources, along with all others featured in previous weeks, are included in the COVID-19 Data Dispatch resource list.

  • Leading in Crisis briefs: A series of briefs from the Consortium for Policy Research in Education document how 120 principals in 19 states responded to COVID-19 in the spring. The briefs compile analyses, summaries, and recommendations on topics ranging from accountability during school closures to calm during a crisis.
  • COVID-19 in Congress: GovTrack.us. a project which normally documents bills and resolutions in the U.S. Congress, is currently tracking how COVID-19 has spread through the national legislature. The tracker currently includes 87 legislators who have entered quarantine, tested positive, or come into contact with someone who had been diagnosed with the disease.
  • COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index: In the first vaccine section above, I discussed the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index, which charts populations that are more vulnerable to health disasters. The Surgo Foundation’s COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index builds on the CDC’s research with additional, COVID-specific metrics based on epidemiological and healthcare-related factors. I’ve produced two Stacker stories using this source: States with the populations most vulnerable to COVID-19 and Counties most vulnerable to COVID-19 in every state.

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