Resources from last week’s community event

Thank you to everyone who logged onto Slack for last Sunday’s community event! I really appreciated the opportunity to hear your COVID-19 questions and concerns, and I hope the discussion was helpful for those who attended.

One thing I loved about the event was that it didn’t just consist of me answering questions. The readers who attended also helped answer each other’s questions and shared resources, such as information about air filters and local COVID-safe meet-up groups.

To bring those resources outside those who attended the event, I’ve compiled the list here:

For both readers who attended the event and those who didn’t, I would love to hear your feedback. Should I host more of these? If yes, what would you like to discuss at events—general COVID-19 questions, or more focus on specific topics? Is Slack a good platform to use? (I.e., would it be worthwhile to pay for pro options on the server?)

Let me know what you’re thinking: email me, comment on this blog post, etc. And thank you again to those who attended last Sunday, I learned a lot from all of you.

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