COVID source shout-out: Virginia’s new wastewater dashboard

One of the visuals available on Virginia’s new wastewater dashboard.

With the public health emergency ending, a lot of state and local health departments are sunsetting or paring down their COVID-19 dashboards. Wastewater surveillance data are an exception, though, with agencies continuing to test sewage (and share the results) as other forms of COVID-19 testing become less available.

Virginia’s Department of Health is one notable example: this past week, the agency added a new wastewater surveillance section to its COVID-19 dashboard. The new section includes a map of testing sites, coronavirus trends by site, viral loads over time, and plenty of text explaining how to interpret the data.

This dashboard will be a great resource for Virginia residents aiming to continue following COVID-19 spread in their communities. It’ll be updated weekly on Tuesdays, according to the department.

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