COVID source shout-out: Biobot continues its contract with the CDC

Leading wastewater surveillance company Biobot Analytics announced this week that it will continue to work with the CDC’s National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS) through July 2023.

Biobot provides wastewater testing and analysis for more than 400 sites in the NWSS network, accounting for about one-third of the system’s total 1,200 sites. The CDC/Biobot arrangement basically makes it easy for these wastewater treatment plants to participate in COVID-19 and mpox testing, since sites can send in samples without spending the time and resources needed to build up their own testing programs.

I was glad to see this news, as the continued contract will mean no interruptions in CDC NWSS data for at least another six months. Long-time readers might remember that there were major wastewater data gaps last spring, when the CDC switched contractors from LuminUltra to Biobot.

Of course, six months is far from the long-term investment that the U.S. should be making in wastewater surveillance… but that’s a topic for another week.

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