COVID source shout-out: More wastewater dashboards

WastewaterSCAN’s new dashboard showcases the project’s testing sites across the country.

A reader recently reached out to let me know that my COVID-19 wastewater surveillance data page was missing a state dashboard: this dashboard, run by the Washington state Department of Health.

Washington’s dashboard includes coronavirus concentration levels over time from a selection of wastewater treatment plants in the state, with data going back to early 2022. It also includes some helpful notes about how to interpret wastewater data and maps showing the service areas for each treatment plant.

I also recently learned that WastewaterSCAN has released a new, upgraded dashboard to share its surveillance data. WastewaterSCAN is a project started by researchers at Stanford and Emory universities (with a focus on sites in California) that has since expanded across the country. The new dashboard makes it easier for users to find SCAN testing sites in their areas and answer specific questions with the data.

As official case numbers become less and less reliable, I’m glad to see public agencies and research efforts step up to make wastewater surveillance more accessible. Both the Washington dashboard and new WastewaterSCAN link are now included on my wastewater data resource page.

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