COVID source shout-out: Illinois’ new wastewater dashboard

Screenshot from the new Illinois dashboard, showing COVID-19 trends at a testing site in greater Chicago.

Illinois is the latest state to get its own dashboard for COVID-19 wastewater surveillance, with a new website that launched earlier this week. It includes data for 75 sites across the state.

The new dashboard—like the state’s wastewater surveillance program itself—is a collaboration between the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Discovery Partners Institute, a research center at the University of Illinois. Illinois’ agency received more than $6.5 million in federal grants to fund wastewater testing, according to local TV station WTTW.

I poked around a bit on the new dashboard, and I’m a fan: it includes a map of sampling locations, charts showing COVID-19 trends over time, easily-downloadable data, and ample information on how to interpret results. Nice work, Illinois!

For wastewater surveillance data near you, check out the COVID-19 Data Dispatch resource page—which is due for an update, likely next week.

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