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This week, you’ve probably been inundated with shopping deals and donation requests from every business that has you on its email list. ‘Tis the season to ask for money, after all.

But how many of those asks are from a one-reporter operation delivering crucial COVID-19 news and resources?

I often hear from readers that the COVID-19 Data Dispatch is their favorite source for pandemic news, or even their only source for pandemic news. This is something that flatters and terrifies me—like, I cannot stress enough that I am not a health professional, and I should not be taking the place of an actual public health institution. I am simply a science and health journalist who cares very much and works very hard.

That said, our actual health institutions (like our media, our political leaders, and so many other institutions) continue to pretend COVID-19 is no longer a problem—leaving people like me to pick up their slack.

So, if you have found this newsletter, this blog, or any of my other COVID-related writing and analysis valuable: please consider donating to support my work. You can either make a monthly donation with Pico or a one-time donation with Ko-fi.

This support helps to cover my website and other tech costs (detailed here), as well as the occasional article from a guest contributor. It also helps support my time, as I work on this project largely during my evenings and weekends.

Even small donations go a long way. And if you’re not able to support the COVID-19 Data Dispatch financially right now, your regular readership still means a lot. Thank you!

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