CDD is almost at 100 issues: Share your favorite posts

Next Sunday, the COVID-19 Data Dispatch reaches a major milestone: issue #100.

When I started this project on Substack in July 2020, I did not expect to reach 100 issues. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking beyond the next federal data dump or COVID Tracking Project data entry shift. (If you’d like to read more about the CDD’s origins, see this Medium post.)

But here we are, 100 weeks later. I’ve written hundreds of posts on data quirks, data gaps, interpretations, visualizations, and reader questions. The topics I’ve covered have ranged from superspreader events to wastewater surveillance to explainers about (so many) new variants. I’ve hosted guest articles, hired an intern, and run a series of data workshops.

In honor of this milestone, I’d like to hear from you, dear readers. What have been your favorite issues or topics? Are there any posts that you frequently reference, or that you forwarded to friends and family members? How has this newsletter and blog helped you make sense of the pandemic? You’re also welcome to share any questions you’d like me to answer at this highly confusing time.

If you’d like to share, please comment below! You can also email me at or reach out on Twitter. I’ll share a few responses (with permission) in next week’s issue.

Also, if you’d prefer not to comment, consider sharing the COVID-19 Data Dispatch with a few friends instead! We are getting very close to my longtime goal of 1,000 free newsletter subscribers, and I would love to reach that by next week.

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