Sources and updates, May 8

  • CDC adds second boosters to its vaccine dashboard: In the latest update to the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker, you can now find a national tally of Americans who have received second booster shots on the “COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States” page. About 10 million people have received these additional shots as May 6, about one-tenth the number of first booster recipients. The CDC has yet to add state-by-state or demographic data for second boosters.
  • KFF updates COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: This week, the Kaiser Family Foundation published the latest update of its Vaccine Monitor, a long-running project tracking Americans’ attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccines and related issues. One notable finding from the April update: just 18% of parents with children under age five are “eager to get their child vaccinated right away,” compared to 27% who say they will “definitely not” get their child vaccinated. This report also includes survey findings on mask-wearing, COVID-19 in the workplace and in schools, and future booster shots.
  • Biobot on GitHub: I recently learned that Biobot Analytics, the leading COVID-19 wastewater surveillance company, publishes its underlying data on GitHub. This repository includes coronavirus concentrations in wastewater treatment plants monitored by Biobot across the country, along with regional wastewater data, national data, and COVID-19 case numbers for comparison.
  • TON’s Guide to Tracking Source Diversity: Not directly COVID-related, but a resource that I thought readers may find useful: The Open Notebook (TON) has published a detailed guide for journalists seeking to track the diversity of sources interviewed for their stories. While TON is geared towards science writers, this guide is broadly applicable to any reporter who spends a lot of time seeking out and talking to experts.

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