Featured sources, February 20

  • COVID-19 drug order and inventory info: Rob Relyea has produced three interactive maps that show state-by-state availability for COVID-19 drugs: one for Sotrovimab, the one widely used monoclonal antibody treatment (out of three available in the U.S.) that is still effective against Omicron; one for Paxlovid, the highly effective Pfizer pill; and one for Evusheld, a monoclonal antibody drug that works preemptively for COVID-19, reducing COVID-19 risk for immunocompromised people. Click on a state to see drug provider locations and drug supplies.
  • (Updated) Vaccine Breakthrough Reporting Scorecard: A couple of months ago, I shared a scorecard from the Rockefeller Foundation and former COVID Tracking Project researchers that grades state reporting of breakthrough COVID-19 cases. This scorecard was recently updated. According to the Pandemic Prevention Institute’s twitter, as of this update: “46 states are now regularly reporting some breakthrough data. Currently, 5 states get an A, up from 4 states in January.”
  • Updated Long COVID source list: Journalists covering Long COVID can use this public database, compiled by myself and Fiona Lowenstein, to find patients, scientists, and advocates who are interested in talking to reporters for their stories. The database was published in January, but I recently updated it by adding a few new sources to the list. Read more about the resource here!

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