Reader survey: What do you want to see in 2022?

Last January, as I relaunched the COVID-19 Data Dispatch on its own website, I also started a membership program. The membership, as I envisioned it, would allow readers to support my work while also getting access to an exclusive Slack server where they could network with each other and help shape the publication’s coverage.

I quickly learned, however, that while some people were willing to support my work, the Slack server was not very popular. Those who have kept up memberships over the past year have mostly done so because they like the COVID-19 Data Dispatch and want to help me keep it free for everyone.

This is awesome, obviously—and I’m very grateful to those donors, who have supported the CDD’s tech costs, payment for Intern Sarah Braner last spring, and a couple of guest articles. But in 2022, I would like to revamp readers’ options for donating in a way that aligns more closely with your interests.

The survey will help me figure that out, as well as give me an overall sense of what you all would like to see from the COVID-19 Data Dispatch in 2022. It should take under five minutes to complete, and can be done on a computer or smartphone.

If the embedded form above doesn’t work, you can fill out the survey at this link:

And if you’re interested in supporting the CDD, you can do so here:

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