Send me your favorite COVID-19 data stories of 2021

In late December last year, I shared a list of news stories and projects that I considered the 20 best COVID-19 data stories of 2020. The list ranged from early STAT News coverage of the novel coronavirus, to a FiveThirtyEight investigation of testing access, to THE CITY’s online memorial of New Yorkers who lost their lives to COVID-19.

I enjoyed compiling the list because it gave me a way to look back on COVID-19 news coverage throughout 2020, with a focus on those stories that dug into the numbers—whether that was visualizing pandemic trends or explaining an issue with data collection and reporting. (Also, it was a fairly straightforward issue to compile and send out two days after Christmas!)

This year, I’m planning to compile a similar list: the 21 best COVID-19 data stories of 2021

And I need your help to pick these stories! Last year’s list was very U.S.-heavy, as I primarily read coverage from national and New York city-specific publications, and I would love to make this year’s list more geographically diverse. Please send me COVID-19 data stories you loved from your local news outlet, your favorite science journalist, or any other publication.

To submit ideas, you can comment below, email me at, or reach out on Twitter or Facebook. My full list will go out in next week’s issue, on December 26, and I’ll accept submissions until the 25th.

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