Sources and updates, November 21

  • CDC adds data on 5-11 vaccinations: The main vaccinations page on the CDC’s COVID-19 dashboard now includes vaccination rates for all U.S. residents ages 5 and older, in addition to all the previous categories (12 and older, 18 and older, 65 and older). These rates are available by dose and by state. Plus, the CDC has added an age 5-11 category to its demographic vaccination trends page. Notably, age 5-11 data haven’t been added to the Community Profile Reports yet, but I expect this will happen in the next couple of weeks.
  • Breakthrough case reporting by state: 36 states are reporting breakthrough COVID-19 cases, 34 are reporting breakthrough hospitalizations, and 37 are reporting breakthrough deaths, according to a report from former COVID Tracking Project researchers and the Rockefeller Foundation. The report also discusses the challenges of tracking breakthrough cases and the importance of linking clinical and demographic data to these cases.
  • Long COVID resources from ApresJ20: ApresJ20, a Long COVID association based in France, has compiled this extensive document of over 1,000 scientific papers about the condition. Topics include defining Long COVID, characterizing symptoms, managing patient care, genetic associations, and more. For each paper, the document includes its title, authors, publish date, peer review status, and summary.

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