Sources and updates, November 14

  • Directory of Local Health Departments: The National Association of County and City Health Officials maintains this database of all local public health departments in the U.S. You can navigate to health department lists for specific states by clicking on the map, or explore a 180-page PDF that includes the name, website link, and contact information (in some cases) for every single department. 
  • Media and Misinformation update from the KFF Vaccine Monitor: The Kaiser Family Foundation typically updates its COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor project with reports once a month. This week, however, the Vaccine Monitor team released an additional report focusing on American adults’ experiences with misinformation. One key finding: about 78% of those surveyed “believe or are unsure about at least one common falsehood” about COVID-19 or the vaccines.
  • More data on vaccination for kids 5-11 is coming: About 900,000 children in the recently-eligible 5 to 11 age group were vaccinated in the first week since the CDC authorized shots for these kids, the White House announced on Wednesday. At the time, this estimate was higher than official numbers on the CDC’s dashboard due to data lags; but the agency is planning to publish more data on this age group by the end next week, according to Bloomberg editor Drew Armstrong.

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