Sources and updates, October 17

  • COVID-19 cases, deaths, hospitalizations by vaccination status: The latest addition to the CDC’s COVID-19 dashboard, this week, is a set of two pages that break out case, death, and hospitalization rates by vaccination status. The page with case and death rates draws on CDC monitoring programs, and may not be entirely representative of data for the entire U.S. The page with hospitalization rates draws on COVID-NET, a network of over 250 hospitals in 14 states.
  • Hospitalization data will shift back to the CDC: Bloomberg reported this week that the Biden administration will bring the HHS Protect system, which tracks hospitalization data, under the auspices of the CDC. Hospitalization data moved from CDC responsibility to HHS responsibility in summer 2020—a move covered extensively by the COVID-19 Data Dispatch. At the time, this change drew criticism, though the HHS Protect system developed into a highly reliable data source. It is unclear how a move back to the CDC may impact hospitalization tracking.
  • Mask Diplomacy in Latin America During the COVID-19 Pandemic: This dataset, compiled by political scientists Diego Telias and Francisco Urdinez, includes over 500 donations of COVID-19 supplies—face masks, respirators, tests, and more. The data underlie a preprint posted online in August 2020 discussing China’s diplomacy in Latin America and the Caribbean. (h/t Data Is Plural.)

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