COVID source shout-out: K-12 data in Utah

Utah has expanded its K-12 COVID-19 reporting.

This week, I updated the COVID-19 Data Dispatch page detailing how every state is (or isn’t) reporting COVID-19 cases in schools. I was glad to see that several states have resumed data reporting on this important topic after a summer break, though some haven’t resumed yet. (Looking at you, New York.)

I want to give a special shout-out to Utah, which has expanded its K-12 data since spring 2021. This state is now the fourth to report in-person enrollment in schools (after New York, Texas, and Delaware). Utah is also reporting school-specific test positivity rates, providing the share of students who have tested positive in the past two weeks.

It’s not surprising that Utah would expand its school data reporting, because this state is currently pioneering a program called Test to Stay. Schools are required to offer testing to all students when an outbreak occurs, in partnership with their local health departments.

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