Featured sources, April 18

  • Two important CDC MMWRs: This week, the CDC published Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports on racial and ethnic disparities in COVID-19 hospitalizations and emergency department visits. The reports continue to hammer home this pandemic’s disproportionate impact on non-white Americans. In all major regions of the country, Hispanic/Latino COVID-19 patients were more likely to be hospitalized than those of other ethnicities; and in 13 states with ED visit data, Hispanic/Latino, Black, and Indigenous patients experienced the highest rates of hospital visits for the disease.
  • Searching for COVID-19: This interactive series of data visualizations allows users to explore top COVID-19-related Google search queries since January 20, 2020. The charts focus on “How to __” and “What is/are __” questions, such as, “how to make hand sanitizer?” You can also sort by country and U.S. state. The project is a collaboration between research and design firm Schema Design, Google News, and Axios.
  • CDD vaccination data annotations: This is your friendly reminder that we maintain a set of annotations on U.S. national and state COVID-19 vaccination data sources, updated weekly on Saturdays. Montana and Wyoming continue to be our last two holdout states not yet reporting demographic data for their vaccinated residents.

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