Featured sources, April 4

  • Vaccination data update: Two more states are now reporting vaccinations by race/ethnicity. New Hampshire has reported the figures in one of the state’s recent daily updates, which include vaccination data on a weekly basis. And South Dakota has added race/ethnicity to the vaccines tab of its dashboard. As always, you can find detailed annotations on state and national vaccine data sources (updated yesterday) on the COVID Data Dispatch website.
  • KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: The Kaiser Family Foundation released the latest update for their Vaccine Monitor, an ongoing survey project to track public attitudes and experiences with COVID-19 vaccines. In this update, published this past Tuesday, KFF reports that 62% of those surveyed say they’ve already gotten a shot or plan to do so as soon as possible, while 17% want to “wait and see” how the rollout goes. That “wait and see” share is down from previous reports.
  • CDC Provisional Mortality Data for 2020: This past Wednesday, the CDC released death counts for 2020. As we’ve discussed before, mortality data tend to be reported with a lag compared to other types of public health numbers due to the complex processes involved with tallying up death certificates. About 3.3 million deaths occurred overall in 2020, according to these new data; this was a 16% increase from 2019. COVID was the third leading cause of death that year, accounting for 345,000 lives lost.
  • Federal COVID-19 Chart Gallery: Peter Walker, former data visualization co-lead for the COVID Tracking Project, has put together a new Tableau gallery using data from the CDC COVID Tracker and HHS Protect. The gallery includes many chart formats that CTP fans may recognize, such as national views, four-pane views, and regional comparisons. More charts are coming!
  • Pfizer COVID-19 Clinical Trials: An interactive, searchable map from Pfizer lets you look up vaccine trials around the world. For each trial, you can see the location, the trial’s phase, who’s eligible to join, and a link out to more information on ClinicalTrials.gov. Trials are happening in the U.S., the U.K., Spain, and Japan.
  • mRNA sequence for the Moderna vaccine: A group of scientists at Stanford used small amounts of Moderna vaccine left after all doses were extracted from vials to sequence the mRNA in that vaccine, then posted the sequence publicly on GitHub. The full sequence takes up two pages. You can read more about the scientists’ work and their decision to post the sequence in Motherboard.
  • Pulse of the Purchaser 2021 Report: This new report from the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions examines how employer attitudes to healthcare have shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report presents results from a survey of 151 major employers, representing diverse industries and sizes; it includes attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccines, telehealth, equity, and other healthcare topics.

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