Featured sources, Jan. 10

This week’s featured sources are all about hospitalizations and treatments. See the full CDD source list here.

  • Hospital facilities visualization by the COVID Tracking Project: Last month, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released an extensive dataset showing how COVID-19 patients are impacting hospitals at the individual facility level. (See my Dec. 13 post for more information on this dataset.) The COVID Tracking Project has produced an interactive visualization from this dataset, allowing users to zoom in to individual facilities or search for hospitals in a particular city or ZIP code. I contributed some copy to this page.
  • Therapeutics distribution (from HHS): The HHS is posting a list of locations that have received monoclonal antibody therapies, for the purpose of treating COVID-19. Bamlanivimab, one such therapy, received EUA from the FDA in early November. The HHS page notes that this is not a complete list: “Although monoclonal antibody therapeutic treatments have been shipped nationwide, shipment locations are displayed for those States that have opted to have their locations displayed on this public website.”
  • Hospital discharge summaries (from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project): This project, under the HHS umbrella, posts time series data on U.S. hospital patients. The site recently posted summaries on patients from April to June 2020, including datasets specific to COVID-19, flu, and other viral respiratory infections. As epidemiologist Jason Salemi explains in a summary Twitter thread, the data doesn’t provide new information but may be useful for a researcher looking to dig into spring and summer hospitalization trends.

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