Featured sources, Dec. 20

These sources, along with all others featured in previous weeks, are included in the COVID-19 Data Dispatch resource list.

  • Mass Incarceration, COVID-19, and Community Spread: The nonprofit Prison Policy Initiative has published a new report showing how prisons impacted COVID-19 case rates in 2020. One major finding: rural counties with more incarcerated people per square mile had more COVID-19 cases, especially at higher percentiles.
  • COVID Border Accountability ProjectThis interactive map documents travel and immigration bans that countries have introduced in response to COVID-19. It’s compiled by a team of academic researchers, engineers, and other non-academic volunteers, and updated weekly on Wednesdays.
  • The Buffalo News’ trackers of COVID-19 cases in college athletics: CDD reader Rachel Lenzi, who covers college athletics for The Buffalo News, has kindly allowed me to share her spreadsheets compiling COVID-19 reports of COVID-19 cases in NCAA football and basketball programs. Football spreadsheetbasketball spreadsheet.

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