Featured sources, Nov. 22

These sources, along with all others featured in previous weeks, are included in the COVID-19 Data Dispatch resource list.

  • State COVID-19 vaccine plans: A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation explores how state public health departments are planning to distribute COVID-19 vaccines once they become available. The report includes common themes and concerns across all 50 state plans, as well as links to the plans themselves. One insight that stuck out to me: “Just over half (25 of 47, or 53% ) of state plans report having immunization registries/database systems in place that are described as being (at least fairly) comprehensive and reliable; in the other state plans that information is unclear.”
  • COVID-19 Testing Communications Toolkit: The Brown School of Public Health has compiled a resource to help public health communicators encourage COVID-19 testing. The toolkit includes evidence-based tutorials, handouts, and an image library, all of which are free for public use.
  • COVID-19 and Impacted Communities: A Media Communications Guide: This is another communications tool from the New York COVID-19 Working Group. The guide includes best practices for explaining key terms, advice on framing stories, and how to avoid stereotypical narratives about minority communities.
  • SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Data Hub: Erin Sanders, a nurse practitioner and contact tracer, has compiled a list of data sources on the novel coronavirus. The list includes clinical data, transmission data, and genomic data, among other medical and epidemiological topics.

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