Visualizing COVID-19

It seems like every publication, agency, and amateur researcher has gotten into COVID-19 visualizations in the past few months.

I am certainly part of that trend; I’ve started learning Tableau since the pandemic started. But a recent Stacker story allowed me to pay homage to the real viz experts. I compiled 50 charts from public sources which show the impact COVID-19 has had on America and the world at large, including a few charts I made myself. The charts visualize case counts, mortality comparisons, economic indicators, outbreak sites, and more. Frequent readers of this newsletter might recognize a few of the sources I used.

Here’s the story. If you’ve looked at nothing but election maps in the past few days, this might help pull you back to that other major crisis of 2020.

One of the charts I produced for this story highlights excess deaths in 28 states, NYC, and DC.

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