Featured sources, Oct. 25

These sources have been added to the COVID-19 Data Dispatch resource list, along with all sources featured in previous weeks.

  • Missing in the Margins: Estimating the Scale of the COVID-19 Attendance Crisis: This new report by Bellwether Education Partners provides estimates and analysis of the students who have been unable to participate in virtual learning during the pandemic. While the state-by-state estimates and city profiles may be useful to local reporters, the overall numbers should shock us all: three million students, now left behind.
  • The Pandemic and ICE Use of Detainers in FY 2020: The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (or TRAC) at Syracuse University has collected data on U.S. immigration since 2006. The project’s most recent report describes the pandemic’s impact on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)’s practice of detaining individuals as a step for apprehending and deporting them.
  • COVID-19 Risk Levels DashboardThis dashboard by the Harvard Global Health Institute and other public health institutions now includes COVID-19 risk breakdowns at the congressional district level. Toggling back and forth between the county and congressional district options allows one to see that, when risk is calculated by county, a few regions of the U.S. are in the “green”; at the congressional district level, this is not true for a single area.
  • COVID-19 at the White House: VP Outbreak: The team behind a crowdsourced White House contact tracer (discussed in my October 4 issue) is now tracking cases connected to Vice President Mike Pence.

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