COVID source shout-out: Glastonbury, CT

I’m doing a shout-out instead of a callout this week, because sometimes even I tire of finding data issues to upon which I can focus my tirades.

Every few weeks, my mom forwards me an email from the Town Manager in my hometown, Glastonbury, Connecticut. This email comprises the Town Manager’s Weekly COVID-19 update, including data for the town, updates for the state, and the occasional public service announcements. The most recent email, sent on October 7, includes Halloween best practices, information on flu clinics, and absentee ballot resources.

After peering at endlessly complicated state dashboards during COVID Tracking Project shifts, it’s refreshing to see a COVID-19 update which presents data as simply as possible—no hovering or scrolling required. And yeah, they clearly made that chart in Microsoft Excel, but it does its job!

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