Featured sources, Sept. 13

  • COVID-19 Cutback Tracker: Researchers at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University have tracked layoffs, furloughs, closures, and other cutbacks to journalistic outlets since March 2020. Findings from the project were released this past Wednesday in a new tracker.
  • We Rate Covid Dashboards: Two weeks ago, I analyzed college and university COVID-19 dashboards for my newsletter. This project from public health experts at Yale and Harvard, meanwhile, goes much further: the researchers have developed a rating scheme based on available metrics, legibility, update schedules, and more, and rated over 100 dashboards so far.
  • GenderSci Lab’s US Gender/Sex Covid-19 Data Tracker: The GenderSci Lab, an interdisciplinary research project, is tracking COVID-19 by gender by compiling information from state reports. The tracker includes case counts, death counts, and mortality rates.
  • COVIDcast: This dashboard, by the Delphi Group at Carnegie Mellon University, features interactive maps for a variety of COVID-19 indicators, including movement trends, doctors’ visits , and even test positivity based on antigen tests.
  • 2019 baby name popularity: Okay, this one isn’t COVID-19 related. But as Stacker’s resident baby names expert, I feel obligated to inform my readers that, last week, the Social Security Administration finally released its counts of how many babies were given which names in 2019. (The annual update is usually released in March, but was delayed this year due to COVID-19 concerns.) Olivia has beat out Emma for the number one-ranked baby girl name, after Emma’s five years at the top. Personally, I always get a kick out of scrolling through the long tails to see what unique and creative names parents are using.

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